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Human Development Academy (HuDA) is a community based training center which has been established in Bagbazar, Kathmandu in 2009. HuDA is focusing on providing vocational training to the Muslims especially those who are from the low income sector. It is expected that by providing training to the members of muslim society it will be possible to have a direct and positive effect on the well being of the whole muslim community. HuDA is utilizing volunteers who are affiliated with Muslim community of Kathmandu. Each trainee is expected to participate in a 3 to 12 months training (depending upon the type of training). These trainings provide vocational training through professional teaching methods. Trainees who demonstrate proficiency during the initial training will be invited to participate in Training of Trainers (TOT), an advance training program to learn adult teaching techniques. Each trainee will be a trainer after taking TOT. HuDA has been operated with 6 full and part time staff members. In addition, governing board made up of community members, members of Islami Sangh Nepal is providing overall direction of the center�s operation. Periodic evaluation is conducted to assess the effectiveness of HuDA on (a) helping participants to become professional (b) helping the volunteers to become effective trainers and (c) the improvement of the well being of Muslim community as a whole.

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