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Islami Sangh, Nepal (previously known as Islami Yuwa Sangh, Nepal) was founded in 26th Jan 1985 with the purpose of striving to establish Islam in its totality, in all aspects of human life as well as collective; from the reform of inner self to the external world. Islam provides to all section of society, the best means of equity and justice, welfare and reform, progress and prosperity, irrespective of race, region, or language.

This organization is of the firm conviction that Islam alone offers the best and most suitable solution to the problems faced by our country, including the crisis of thought and action which has gripped the ethical, social, economic and political aspects of life. 

Our ultimate motive is to seek the pleasure of Allah s.w.t. We strongly believe and advocate that our success in this world and Hereafter could be possible only by following the Commandments of the Holy Quran and the Sunnah. 

Our belief is that the unity and brotherhood among all the Muslims are the pre-requisites of our victory over the evil forces.

Alhamdulillah, today this organization in its mission is working in 8 of 14 zones of Nepal. ISN is now become the distinguished and only organization, which is truly involved in manifold activities throughout the country. It has also become the most popular organization among the Muslims of Nepal because of its sincere and selfless efforts and endeavor of not being involved in the ‘Maslaki’, sectarian and organizational differences. 

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